Golden Counselors

Dr. Medrano

Last Names A-De

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Mr. Marshall

Last Names Di-H

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Mrs. Espinoza, Lead

Last Names I-Me

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Mrs. Sims

Last Name Mg-R

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Ms. Everett

Last Names S-Z

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Mrs. Mamudu

Wellness Center

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Mr. Cortes

ELL, Homeless and Foster Youth

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Soar High Golden Eagles

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Our Mission:

To advocate for all students. Our programs are designed to ensure equity and access to services so that every student is challenged, empowered and supported to achieve his/her maximum potential.

​Based on American School Counseling Association (ASCA) , the purpose of the school counseling program is to create a healthy student learning environment by assisting students in establishing academic, career , and personal/social goals. The standards serve as a framework in the development of measurable student competencies.

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Our Vision:

The Desert Hot Springs High School Counseling department seeks to empower all students to reach their maximum potential by creating a healthy learning environment and assisting students to develop academic, career, and personal/social goals.

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Senior year will be here before you know it.